Status: All bots are undetected & safe to use
WOW Classic Rotation Bot

WOW Classic Rotation Bot

Maximize you damage into perfection

Our new rotation bot lets you build own rotations and working within minutes! Easy and quick to setup!

Rotation Bot Features

Build your own rotation profiles

Setup and get started within mintues


Pixel reading - The boots never injects or hack the game

Maximize your damage

Works for all classes and setups

Build your own rotation with out rotation builder!

Build rotations for all classes in Wow Classic! All you need to do is select which class and we will prompt you with all available skills that exist. Then you simply drag the ones you want to use and oragnize them togther with Wait intervals. Just as the image to the right>>

You can create how many builds you want, and switch through them depending on situation when your in game.

All builds are created and stored on our servers, so if you need to switch computer your builds are still accessed.

If you need help with rotations join our discord and ask away!



Simple and quick setup done within 5 minutes

It easy to setup and can be done by anyone. The bot will automatically update your skills through macros, so to change rotation takes about 5 seconds and is done automatically, you dont need to change binding or skills, the bot does it for you!

Completly undetected, it uses no hacking, no dll injection, only pixel reading, with no ban resports so far!

About VanillaBuddy

Here at VanillaBuddy we are making tons of bots for you! And all of them are undetected! How? We dont manipulate WOWs data, we dont use memory hacking like HonorBuddy etc.

Our bots on reads of screens and automate actions and NEVER touches the game code! This way the Warden will never discover our bots!

Stay tuned for upcoming bots, we will keep making them to fullfill everyones need! Some of our bots we release will be private, only given your core and earliest members!