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Product 1

Product 1

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9 reviews for Product 1

  1. danielhajredin

    Legit bot, can’t belieive how good it works!!! Keep it up!!!

  2. yolanda.dudley.13 (verified owner)

    Have had a verry posittive experience with the customer support for this bot. I needed a bit of help sorting an issue with my key out and Vanilla Buddy, despite being a tad slow to reply were absolutely amazing and very helpful. Bot works well, no complaints and is actually quite easy to set up for a beginner. Thanks Vanilla Buddy!

  3. jimstelefon (verified owner)

    it’s a nice and simple bot to use, works great but could use improvements in some small areas.
    Currently at version 2.0 there are no way to choose what to loot, it’s all or nothing. that gives you alot of trashfish.
    Keybindings are only saved on the current usage. if you close and restart the bot the keybindings will reset to default 6,7,8 bindings
    beside that this bot is nice and does the job! would recommend.

  4. micdundee102 (verified owner)

    I’ve got alot of fish! easy to use, Easy to catch those big ones

  5. aaronhqt (verified owner)

    Amazing fishing bot, I usually overnight bot whilst I sleep and it makes me around 80-100g a night pretty impressive, still not got banned in 3 weeks ^^

  6. andrea.carvani-9308 (verified owner)


  7. bastiaanbakker15 (verified owner)

    works like a charm

  8. phim4 (verified owner)

    best bot ever

  9. tenyakov.denis (verified owner)

    Nice work

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