Status: All bots are undetected & safe to use

Changelog & Bot updates

1. New Bot
We have just released the Gold Bot that will scan the auctionhouse and buy everything that increases your profit. In addition to that, it is 100% customizable.

1. Launcer
New launcer! now you can download and update all of our bots inside the launcher! No more need to head back to our website.
Also with the new laucher it auto logs into your bot, so you can start right away.

2. Performance/Bug Fixes
2.1 Some users had problem where it didnt auto cast, should be fixed.
2.2 Some users could not see the fishing zone, fixed.
2.3 Some users could not start the Bot, fixed.

3. Fishing Enchancer
Now you can activate fishing enchancer at a certain time

3. Setting skill keys
Now you can set your own skill key for fishing, fishing pole and fishing enchancer.