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WoW Classic Fishing Bot

One of the worlds most popular classic fishing bots

Fishing anywhere, for How long you want! This is the perfect money making bot in wow Classic.

Classic Bot Features

Fishing Bot


Per Month

$17.99 $49.99

May 2020 discount. Ending soon

  • Make 100 gold/day
  • Fish anywhere
  • Works in all resolutions
  • Pixel reading
  • Randomized fishing timer
  • Randomizes file name

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Rotation Bot


Per Month

$14.99 $29.99

Lifetime discount for the first 100 users

  • Maximize your damage
  • Build your own rotations
  • Pro profiles (coming soon)
  • Works in all resolutions
  • Pixel reading
  • Randomizes file name

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Gold Bot


Per Month
  • Auction house bot
  • Gold making guide
  • Works in all resolutions
  • Pixel reading
  • Auctioneer ready
  • Randomizes file name

For premium users

Grinding Bot


Per Month
  • Build your own route
  • Never groups with other
  • Combat rotations included
  • Pixel reading
  • Easy to setup
  • Randomizes file name

Coming soon

What does our users say?

Legit bot, can't belieive how good it works!!! Keep it up!!!

- danielhajredin

Have had a verry posittive experience with the customer support for this bot. I needed a bit of help sorting an issue with my key out and Vanilla Buddy, despite being a tad slow to reply were absolutely amazing and very helpful. Bot works well, no complaints and is actually quite easy to set up for a beginner. Thanks Vanilla Buddy!

- yolanda.dudley.13

it's a nice and simple bot to use, works great but could use improvements in some small areas. Currently at version 2.0 there are no way to choose what to loot, it's all or nothing. that gives you alot of trashfish. Keybindings are only saved on the current usage. if you close and restart the bot the keybindings will reset to default 6,7,8 bindings beside that this bot is nice and does the job! would recommend.

- jimstelefon

I've got alot of fish! easy to use, Easy to catch those big ones

- micdundee102

Amazing fishing bot, I usually overnight bot whilst I sleep and it makes me around 80-100g a night pretty impressive, still not got banned in 3 weeks ^^

- aaronhqt


- andrea.carvani-9308

works like a charm

- bastiaanbakker15


Fishing bot for Wow Classic, private and public servers!

Our Fishing bot works on all PCs! From windows 7 to Windows 10, 32bit and 64bit! Download the trial version to try it out before you buy and make sure its compatible with your computer.

We are botters, making bots, for botters! We try to update it as often as possible and atm we are doing it several times a week! So dont forget to check for the latest version.

If you have any requests of features please go ahead and tell us in the Live Chat! =)


Guide: How to use the bot

We have recorded a video with a guide on how to use this Classic WoW Fishing bot.

This guide will show you how to purchase (Old website but still works the same way), how to install it and how to setup the bot in a correct way!

Then it's just to start fishing!

About VanillaBuddy

Here at VanillaBuddy we are making tons of bots for you!

Our bots on reads of screens and automate actions and NEVER touches the game code! This way the Warden will never discover our bots!

Stay tuned for upcoming bots, we will keep making them to fullfill everyones need! Some of our bots we release will be private, only given your core and earliest members!!